Revenge of the White House Press Corps

After the President’s impromptu Press conference yesterday – where he addressed everything from Todd Akin’s disgusting “legitimate rape” remarks, Syria, to the incessant whining of the Romney campaign – Jake Tapper, a tip of a penis disguised as a journalist, yelled “Don’t be a stranger” as the President exited the briefing room. Petty behavior from that rogue’s gallery of inept scribes is par for the course, but it did make me think though. Made me think about the series of events over the past week that has me convinced that the White House Press Corps is one vindictive bunch. Let me break it down.

First, because the President hasn’t given a proper press conference in more than 2 months, choosing instead to give interviews to local outlets, “Entertainment Tonight“, and People Magazine – the beltway press felt dissed and made their displeasure known. I can sincerely understand it, they have a job to do and as the fourth estate they want every opportunity to hold the Commander in Chief accountable. I get that. But I can also understand the President’s point of view as well – based on polls that show the President’s wide lead over Mitt Romney when it comes to unlikely voters – reaching out to said media is the best way for the President to get those voters’ attention. Then came a couple of snippy interviews that MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell conducted, one with Obama press secretary Ben LaBolt and another with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz – the latter interview in which she played a clip of some New Mexico radio personalities asking the President some lighthearted questions. Then of course the RNC pounced, and miraculously it became a republican talking point on the Sunday morning news programs. Outside of my belief that Tupac is currently residing in Cuba raising chickens, I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist – but it would seem to me that Andrea Mitchell teed up that particular line of attack in the name of retribution. Well played ma’am.

Remind me to never fuck with the White House Press Corps.

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